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Garden Pottery Treasures

Garden Pottery Treasures

Embrace the harmony of nature with our Garden Pottery Treasures, a collection where functionality blooms alongside beauty. Find handcrafted planters, charming bird baths, and whimsical garden stakes, each designed to enhance and celebrate the vitality of your garden. Every piece, shaped by the hands of skilled artisans, not only supports your greenery but also infuses your outdoor space with a touch of artistry. Let our collection inspire growth and tranquility in your personal oasis.

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Discover Local Talent and Unique Finds

Discover our ‘And More’ section featuring handpicked creations by local craftsmen and artists, available exclusively in-store. Visit us today and support local artisans at Missions Pottery!


With faith as our foundation, Missions Pottery is committed to sharing Christ's love through our products and supporting global missions.

Locally Handcrafted

Crafted with care in our local studio, each pottery piece carries a personal touch, supporting both artisans and our community.

Purposeful Design

Our pottery serves a dual purpose, blending beauty with symbolism. Each piece features a small hole, representing the spiritual fulfillment found in Christ.

Global Mission Support

Your purchase fuels our mission to spread the Gospel worldwide. Join us in supporting missions, empowering communities, and making a global impact.


What People Are Saying

Discover the Story Behind Every Piece

Dive into a world where art meets mission. From uniquely crafted pottery to beautiful artworks from local artists, every purchase supports our cause and brings light to someone’s world.