About The Artist

My name is Laramie Miller. I am 20 years old,  from the small town of Denton, North Carolina. I was a student of the class of 2015 at South Davidson High School. I am currently attending Salem College in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I have always had an interest in art throughout my life. As a second grader, I won a T-shirt drawing contest, and that is where my interest sparked. I was involved in art courses throughout my 12 years of elementary, middle and high school. Drawing, painting, sculpting, and wood burning is the origin of my artistic abilities. The techniques involved in these other arts have prepared me to become a Stained Glass Artist. Stained glass artwork became a part of my life at Salem College. I took a stained glass course with my professor, Dr. Linebarrier, and my techniques blossomed. I am so excited to be included in the family at Mission’s Pottery and More. God has blessed me beyond measure with my abilities and my new opportunity with the Davis family.

Custom stained glass artwork created upon request.