Fairfield Soap Company – Homemade Soap with aromatherapy

Fairfield Soap Company was born out of a love of soap and aromatherapy.  Several years ago I began to experiment with cold processed soap making and fell in love!  The ingredients used in the making of my soaps are all-natural and hand-crafted from scratch using high quality oils and essential oils. No two batches of soap are alike, and that is part of the unique nature of soap-making.  Our soaps create a beautiful, rich, emollient lather which helps with dry skin, especially during the winter months. Some customers just simply like to place a bar in their clothes drawer and/or closet for aromatherapy benefits.  (I personally like to keep a bar or two in my car as well!).  I hope you enjoy the soaps as much as I love making them for you!

Comments from Customers

“After receiving a bar of this soap for a Christmas gift I couldn’t wait to find out where to get more. I began using it as my face make up remover and could not believe the results. All of my make-up including mascara was removed. Now it’s my bath soap and hand soap too. Love it’s moisturizing, fresh scent and know its ingredients.”   -Rebecca

” I can’t say enough good things about this soap!  It has a nice light pleasant odor and asmooth creamy lather, but the best part is the look and feel of my skin afterward!  There is zero dryness, zero greasiness, and my legs are silky smooth even after shaving with this soap! No more ashiness!!!  I don’t even have to use a moisturizing lotion afterward, even in the dry wintertime!  It’s that good!”     – Leslie

“I was just telling someone about this soap!  I usually don’t use a bar of soap but when I tried this homemade soap, I changed my mind!  It feels so luxurious on my skin and smells so good. I feel like I’m in a spa every time I use it! Now, I’ll never go back to liquid soap!”    – Rachael